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Debbie is a frequent speaker at universities, national writing conferences, book clubs and festivals. She has been a guest on dozens of television and radio shows, including CNN, MSNBC and NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Debbie and her stories at The Miami Herald were featured in a national PBS documentary on investigative reporting; her work at The Washington Post was featured in an award-winning, full-length documentary film, released nationwide in 2013.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum - Washington

holocaust 1.jpeg
holocaust 2.jpeg

Northwestern University

In conversation with best-selling author Alex Klotlowitz


Gratz College, Philadelphia

Gratz college.jpg

Chicago Humanities Festival


CSPAN, Washington Post "HUD" Series 

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National WW2 History Museum, New Orleans


Chicago Holocaust Museum


PBS, Miami Book Fair 


National Archives Present: Love Wins 

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Politics and Prose 

"Love Wins in the End Because It Has To: Debbie Cenziper on writing with Jim Obergefell"

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John Batchelor National Radio

The John Batchelor Show Justice finds th
00:00 / 07:36

Smithsonian Institute

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U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum,

Survivors' Group


C-SPAN, Book TV 

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University of Florida, "Great Story Tellers" series, Bob Graham Center for Public Service 


Web Premiere: Money for Nothing 

Debbie's investigation on the Miami-Dade Housing Agency was featured on an episode of PBS' show "EXPOSE: America's Investigative Reports." 

C-SPAN American

History TV

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